We, the Members of the Grace Community Primitive Baptist Church, enter into the following covenant:

God of infinite mercy and grace, has been pleased to spare a few of us unworthy creatures, having, as we trust, called us out of darkness into the marvelous light of His dear Son, plucking us as firebrands from the eternal burning hell, and placing our feet upon the Rock of Ages, Christ Jesus.

We, therefore, believe it to be our duty as in the presence of the great GOD, who is the searcher of all hearts, to covenant and agree, one with another, to maintain the great duties of religion; first, our duty toward GOD; secondly, our duty toward one another; thirdly, our duty toward the Church.
L. Jeff Harris
My pastoral works have included several churches in New Mexico, Texas, Nevada, and Georgia. The Lord has used me to help establish several churches in the USA, including Huntington, Nebraska, Las Vegas, NV, Gadsden, AL and Tifton, GA.

When I became involved in International radio ministry, it led me to make my first evangelistic trip to the Philippines in January of 1994. In 1999 I began going to India and in 2000 to Kenya, Uganda and Malawi in East Africa. I have also been blessed to do ministry in Holland, Bulgaria, Taiwan, Siberia and Mexico. Among the churches we have planted overseas, we have also established three orphanages and one medical clinic in India and Africa that are very important to me because of my love for children! They are named after three Churches that I was blessed to pastor and who also shared my vision for this work: Eureka Children's Home, Philadelphia Children’s Home and Fair Haven Children's Health Clinic.
We strive to glorify God in all things through Jesus Christ by worshiping Him and serving one another. We’re glad that you’re here. We invite you to spend some time getting to know us, and we hope that you’ll come away from this site encouraged to worship with us this week.

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